Friday, January 23, 2009


Sigh. With the risk of getting too graphic, let's just say that my body is unhappy with me. Acid reflux; vomiting; sharp, stabbing pains; unusually moist, odd-colored stool; and the rash is spreading like . . . daisies. It's everywhere. I kind of had a horror movie moment two nights ago when I woke up with blood all over the inside of my top. Apparently I scratched way too much in my sleep. Anyway, Jeff and my mom believe that maybe I'm kind of anemic right now. It sounds like a good, normal theory to me. I'll go get it tested out. And I'll finally get around to scheduling that dermatologist appointment.


On the plus side, for the last week or so, Jeff has been able to feel Jill move, so I get to share that joy with him. :) The other day (when we were in Las Vegas), it felt like she was using my side as a spring board, and Jeff is positive that he could tell he was feeling her foot. :)

Thank you, Martha, so much for the Tums! Sweet relief so far!


  1. Glad the Tums are helping but sorry about the wild goose chase to get a doctor's appointment. Sometimes I wonder why (some of) America wants socialized medicine so much--the waits would be much longer.

  2. are you sure you don't have shingles? eric read your initial post and wondered if that might be it. eric's mom had chicken pox when she was pregnant with him so he was born with shingles and has gotten it a few times...starts by looking like a zit, develops into a rash, but it actually follows your nervous system and is painful and stabbing...

    but a regular doc should recognize it if it is shingles, so it's probably some freaky skin thing...

  3. My doctor didn't mention the change of me having shingles. My mom had that a month or two ago. It didn't sound like any fun. However, he did say that what I had wasn't acting like chicken pox.

    And Martha, I agree! One of my friends is in medical school at Utah, and she grew up in Canada. Socialist medicine does not sound very fun with the waiting and various other problems that she mentioned that I can't remember right now. :)

  4. It's so exciting that Jill is moving more! That was a really fun part of pregnancy.

    Sorry you feel so horrible. I hope you get better soon.


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