Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday in Las Vegas

We went to church with the Bellows in their temporary ward, Willows Ward. It was a wonderful experience! During every hour, multiple people came up to us, greeting us, welcoming us. Some even remembered our names or where we were from. They were a perfect example of how fellowship should be done.

After church and lunch, we headed over to the temple. None of us had ever seen the Las Vegas Temple before. I was very impressed (once again) at what a good job the Church does at choosing the location of their temples. They always are so prominent and higher up when possible. You could see it from very far away driving up the street to it.

I thought these were really interesting flowers. I've never seen anything like them before. Does anyone have any idea what these are?

Dr. Bryan Fellows and his gorgeous wife, Brooke
So, someone heard Zach's name wrong and thought it was Fellows and not Bellows, and then upon learning what neighborhood they are currently living in someone asked if he was a doctor. We made it into a joke (since they're only going to be there until they can move into their new house end of Feb./beginning of March) that Zach might as well live the dream and pretend to be Bryan Fellows, MD, while they're there. :)

Jeff and I in front of the temple right before I jumped to my near demise. Sometimes I forget that I'm bigger, less agile, and more breakable right now . . .

We were wondering how they got the grass so green when everything else in Nevada seemed pretty dead/yellow. We thought maybe they spent millions of dollars on irrigation like a golf course. Then, Jeff discovered their economical secret: We're pretty sure they're spray painting the grass. Isn't that genius?

A view from the back of the temple.


  1. They have those at the San Diego temple too, I think they have them at slot of temples. It's not a flower it's flowering cabbage and kale plants.

  2. I think them spray painting the grass is possibly the coolest thing I've ever heard. I hope it's true.


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