Friday, January 2, 2009

Oxford, Ohio

So, my great-grandparents used to live in Cincinnati, so my family would often make the drive to and from Cincinnati and Richmond (where my grandparents live). We would often break our trip in Oxford, Ohio, home of Miami University. Since we were doing that drive again, we decided to stop there again. We ate lunch at Great Steak & Potato Company, played around a little bit in the park where your voice echoes, and tried to force Hallie to sit on animal statues Amy and I used to sit on. Haha.

It's a new era of me in purple and Amy in pink. :) My mom picked colors for all of the kids. The boys had red and blue, and Amy was purple, and I was pink. She would then buy all these matching outfits and other supplies (like pencils, backpacks, etc.). You always knew which one was yours, because it was in "your color." So, this year our mothers-in-law bought us coats (with our approval), and we ended up in each other's colors! ;) Jeff is sporting his new coat as well. We love our new coats. I wonder how long I'll fit in mine. Jill keeps stretching me further and further. :)


  1. I really love that picture of us in our coats! Devin said we should check out the Miami University's website, to see if there are any jobs that he could actually get there!

  2. Yeah, we're two good lookin' mamas! ;) It would be cool if he worked there. I loved the downtown and all the cute campus buildings. :)


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