Saturday, January 24, 2009

More Basketball

Well, basketball games are getting a little bit more uncomfortable now, but I've found that walking around helps. Of course, with all the bathroom breaks, there is a lot of walking around. And after walking around the entire fieldhouse a few times, I have come to the opinion that the most amazing smell ever is the cinnamon roasted almonds booth. Oh my goodness. That smell needs to be turned into a candle. Wow!

Go Cougs!

Jason and Amy watched the game with us.

Before the game, Jason and Amy treated us to a yummy dinner. It was an Asian (most likely Japanese, since Amy is half Japanese, but I did not remember to ask) meal called . . . Shambu Shambu, or something somewhat similar to that. It works kind of like fondue. You have a pot of boiling water, to which you place the things you'd like to eat. There were thin slices of beef, tofu, bean sprouts, noodles, cabbage, etc. You throw those things in, and then the water boils them quite quickly. You take them out and dip them in one of a variety of dipping sauces. It's kind of a fun, community style dinner. :)


  1. Hey, that's the meal that Yoko and Brandon made for us!! I was pregnant when they made it for us, too... hmm. It's so fun!

  2. I love your new page. It's so cute! I don't even know how to do all that stuff!


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