Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good-bye Bellows and Poultons!

So, the Poultons and the Bellows flew back to Utah tonight just to leave again in a day or so. The Poultons are going to Virginia for a political science internship for Aaron, and the Bellows are going to start "real life" in Las Vegas, Nevada. I think Aaron's internship is with a senator (?) or maybe a lobbyist, and Zach's real job is with a construction company called Burke.

I love how by saying that he'll have a real job, I'm implying that my job is a fake one. ;)

We will definitely miss them both.

Brittany with beautiful Chantilly

Brooke and Ryan—looking great in blue

Jeffrey and Chantilly. Boy! He's really got her attention. :)

Little Chantilly Victoria Poulton. I wonder how big she'll be when they come back in four months! I might not recognize her. She already got so big just in the two weeks of Christmas vacation.


  1. Oh, how I will miss those late nights spent at the Poulton's! We really need to plan a family vacation all together. I hate that when life moves on, it means leaving old friends... sad.

  2. How could a baby resist being captivated? Look at that face!


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