Monday, January 26, 2009


So, we had FHE tonight with some other couples in our ward, and it was lots of fun. Jeff and I were asked to do the games, but Jeff had class until 7:00pm, so it was really up to me.

(Break in the narration, Jeff just jumped out of his chair and rolled around the ground stomping and moving like a dog with an itch, all the while laughing hysterically. I'm pretty sure he is g-chatting with our neighbors downstairs and had a very good reason for doing so. Boys will be boys.)

So, I want to write down all of these games, so that I can remember them.

Paper Telephone
Sit in a circle and give everyone a piece of paper. Every person should write down a sentence on the piece of paper in front of him or her. Sentence examples: "The fox ran through the gate to get to the chicken." or "Chocolate chip cookies are the little girl's favorite." Once everyone is done writing, you had the paper to the person next to you. You read the sentence on the new paper you've been given and draw a picture underneath it. You then fold the paper to hide the original sentence and pass the paper on. You then look at the new paper with only the drawing visible, and you write a sentence based off of the drawing. Then fold it, so the drawing is no longer visible and pas it on. Then draw a new picture based off of the sentence. End on the sentence phase when your original paper is about to get back to you, and share how your sentence was reinterpreted by each new person. It can be pretty funny to see how changed your original sentence is, just like in the game of telephone. (This game was shared with me by my sister, Amy.)

The Skittles Game
Put a bag of Skittles in the middle of the table. Go around the table and roll the dice. If anyone rolls doubles, he will begin taking Skittles out of the bowl/bag and putting them in his mouth one at a time. He cannot chew or swallow until someone else rolls doubles. Then that new person has to begin filling her mouth with Skittles until someone else relieves her. You keep going until all the Skittles are gone. Whoever eats the last Skittle "wins." In my opinion, the winner is the person who manages not to have any drool come out while holding all the Skittles in his or her mouth! :) (This game was shared with me by my friend Anna.)

The Candy Bar Game
Buy a bunch of candy bars. I like to have more candy bars than people, but you could make the competition really fierce by having fewer candy bars than people. Put all the candy bars in the middle of the people. Try to have a variety; I recommend only one of each type of candy bar. Then people really fight for them. Using one die. You pass the die around, each person rolling once. If you roll a 1 or a 6, then you can take a candy bar from the middle or steal from someone. However, you have to remember the name of the candy bar. I can't just say, "Jeff give me your candy bar." I have to say "Jeff, give me the Twix." So, if I tell him to give me the Twix, and he isn't the person who has it, then I don't get a candy bar. You only have one chance per roll to remember who has the candy bar you want, so pay attention! Meanwhile, you have a timer set for 10 minutes (I recommend). When the timer ends, you get to keep the candy bars in your possession. So roll fast, and remember who has the candy bars you want to steal! :) (I found this game on the internet.)

The Newlywed Game
This is a standard game apparently based off of a TV show, but I never saw the TV show. I play it by having a few questions and having each person write down what he or she thinks the answer is and what he or she thinks his or her spouse thinks the answer is. So, if the question is what was our first date, I would write bowling for my answer, and write bowling or eating lunch at Panda Express for what I think Jeff would write. Then you share the answers and whichever couple matched the closest wins. (I have no idea where I heard of this game for the first time, but it has been a popular one on the cruises we've been on.)

Phew. Now I won't forget these games the next time I have to think of a game for a group of adults. :)

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  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! I'm a huge fan of the skittles game. Do you remember the game "Don't Eat Pete!"? I just remember it was with m&m's and a lot of fun...


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