Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dermatologist Results

So, the dermatologist thinks that it probably is pityriasis rosea. A nice thing is when I had it in 2005, the doctor said that the cause was unknown. Now, my doctor said that recently people are pretty sure it's from Herpes type 7 or something. So, it's a viral rash. You are really only supposed to get it once though, so me having it three times is slightly odd. My dermatologist said that maybe it was something else before and was misdiagnosed and I really haven't had it that many times, but it is acting exactly the same except for the itching, and only half of the cases of PR itch.

For the itching, it appears that I will have sweet, sweet release! He gave me a perscription for medium strength cortizone cream. I picked it up, and they gave me four tubes and the prescription has 6 more refills and expires in 2010. Whoa. I could get a lot of this stuff. :) I don't think I'll need that much though. It should go away in about a month or so.

There is one thing that he wants to rule out though just in case. Some sort of asexually transmitted second strand of syphilis. He had his nurses call over to the hospital, and they are going to do a RPR test on the blood that was taken from me yesterday. I'm glad I don't have to give more blood! I can handle it, but I do not enjoy it.

The reason he wants to rule it out is because of me having it more than once and because I have had foreign travel, where he said it can be as easy to get just by shaking hands with someone with an open sore who has it. So, in 2008, I was in the Bahamas; 2007, I was in Belize and Mexico; and in 2006, I was in Mexico and the Cayman Islands. He said this type can take a year or longer to show up, so he wants to make sure.

Oh yeah, and he's pretty sure the thing that has been on my tongue since September is geographic tongue, something my OB/GYN mentioned was a possibility. So, there is nothing that can be done about that, but it is nothing to worry about. Just something to live through. I've made it this long, so I'm pretty sure I can keep going. ;)

So yeah . . . that's that. :)

I would like to give a very positive review to this dermatologist. It was Eyre Dermatology in Orem, Utah. There are three doctors there with the last name of Eyre. I saw Dr. Steven P. Eyre, I believe. He was very informed, very friendly, very polite, etc. He made you feel reassured, like he knew what he was doing and was in charge. All of the nurses were very friendly, and the office was beautiful and immaculate. I wish I had gone there the last time I went to a dermatologist. I recommend him to everyone.

It was kind of funny. I had to put on this shirt thing, so I could show him my rash easily. Do you remember those like cloth things that are clamped around your neck at the orthodontist or dentist? It was kind of like a shirt made entirely out of that material. That was rather interesting and unexpected. :)


  1. I'm so glad the itch will be gone! Thank goodness for modern medicine. I take it that everything is fine with Jill through all of this? What a relief! I bet it is so nice to finally get some answers!

  2. Yeah, my OB/GYN mentioned that he wasn't worried about her. They monitored her heartbeat and contractions for like an hour, and there were no contractions and the heartbeat was fine. The dermatologist said it was okay to take the cortizone cream, because of how far along I am. He said all of the organs and systems are developed now. She's just getting bigger. He said that this steroid is one they actually inject women with who are going to have premies to help the lungs fully develop before they're delivered. So, they don't seem to be worried about Jill at all. I suppose if my kidneys end up not working or I do have syphilis, then they would be worried. It is definitely nice to get some answers!

  3. Yay! It's so nice to know you have good doctors looking at you and taking care of you. I can't believe you have to go through all of this! I love you!!!

  4. Thats great you got to see a doctor so quickly! I hope they figure out what they think it is for sure soon so you won't be left wondering anymore but at least the itch will be relieved in the meantime!


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