Thursday, January 29, 2009

Birthing classes

So, my baby book said that this month in my pregnancy is when I should start looking into birthing classes, because some fill up fast and others have long schedules, like the Bradley method classes take 12 weeks for example.

I've been getting advice from friends and family about if they chose a method, if so what method, if they didn't what they did instead, etc., so please feel free to add your two cents and let me know what you think about it.

I thought my daily quote today was kind of relevant to my timid thoughts of labor:
"Filled with his love, we can endure pain, quell fear, forgive freely, avoid contention, renew strength, and bless and help others."
—Elder John H Groberg, "The Power of God's Love", November 2004 Ensign pg. 9

Up until this point, I had kind of been avoiding the whole thought of it. I knew that regardless of whether I thought about it or not, it would happen, so why think about it, but my baby book has convinced me that knowledge is power and the more I know, I have a higher chance of being relaxed, less scared, etc. Those sound like good things to me, so yes, I'm trying to think about it now. :) Please give me advice. I am interested in your opinions.

My friends who have never had babies before have been asking about what my baby is up to these days, so here are some interesting tidbits. Jill can now see. Her eyelids had previously been sealed shut to allow her eyes to grow, but around this time, they open. I have no idea what there is to see though. My innards I suppose and liquid . . . Also, she apparently currently has more taste buds now than she will at any other time in her life. I guess we lose them somehow at birth? So, she sometimes reacts to what I eat. Her bones are solidifying and her muscles are strengthening, so she's beginning to pack a punch. She is still small enough to flip and move around, so she's quite active. Soon, she'll start getting really cramped, like the genie in his lamp in Aladdin. Poor little Jill. :)

I did go to the doctor today and learned that we are no longer worried about my kidneys, because there was no more protein in my pee. Yay! It was, indeed, transient. Darn that little hobo protein. Hehe. :) I gained two pounds since my last visit. Success! I have only gained 10 pounds so far this pregnancy. I am kind of surprised by that, but hey some people don't gain early on. I must have thrown up too much. ;)


  1. If we ever get to have a baby the old fashioned way anyway I am definitely very interested on hypnobirthing classes. I heard about them when I was in massage school and I talked to people who had done it and all had good things to say. My mom said she preferred Bradley to Lamaze. Anyway, good luck! I hope you find a good class for you!

  2. we didn't do a method, our method was getting an epidural... :) But just do the timing right, our last class was the night before I was induced!!! Our class went late too, we were at the hospital for our class till like 10:30 and then had to show up at the hospital the next morning at 4 am... I agree with learning as much as you can. I really enjoyed my birthing classes. They really taught me a lot which made me more comfortable.

  3. My method of birth was, "go through all of labor by yourself on a couch and then get to the hospital after you're already at 10 cm..." Not something I recommend at all by the way (nor did I plan on that method beforehand).

    My point is that things don't always turn out exactly the way you plan. Some people plan on one method (like going natural) and then end up getting an epidural. There's no shame in that. I would just be ready to accept a different method if things don't turn out exactly as you plan. Otherwise you might be disappointed or feel like a failure when there is no reason to feel that way after having a baby. That's my two cents. :0)

    I agree that the more educated you are the better off you are. I've also heard good things about hypnobirthing. Just keep in mind that pain = progress. That's one thing that helped me get through my labor.

  4. I agree with Lindsay. Things definitely don't always go as planned:
    Devin's aunt was pregnant, almost to her due date, watching t.v. on the couch one night with her husband. All of a sudden, she felt some contractions, and then her water broke, and before the commercials were over she had a baby.
    Her husband called the hospital and they told him what to do over the phone... so prepare, but be flexible!
    Definitely remember: pain is progress. AND as Murray would say, pain is your friend. It lets you know you're still alive!

  5. I gained 10 pounds my first trimester, and then nothing until my last trimester.

    I just took the class at the hospital where I gave birth. It was 4 weeks, just gave a tour and a rundown of what to expect. I found it helpful. No lamaze or breathing anything.

    I'd really like to try hypno-birthing. I had a friend do that, and all she needed during labor and delivery was demoral, no epidural.

    LOL. The theory that "pain is your friend" is great, until that first TRUE contraction that makes you scream and wake up the whole floor.

    My epidural cut the pain a HUGE deal. I highly recommend it, and I HATE needles.

  6. Oh good! I hope you take the class and enjoy it! As you know, I ended up with a C-section, but I was still really glad that I took the class. Now I know what to expect with my next baby! :) It really is interesting how everyone's labor and delivery is different. And it almost never goes how you think it will. By the time my water broke and after 12 hours of labor, I didn't care how they got that baby out of me, I just wanted him here. Good luck! We are so excited for you!

  7. I just took the hospital class with Eric and it did a good job of preparing me for what to expect. Except nursing, because Scotty came early and I missed the last class! So start early :o)

    I also checked out videos from the library on both epidurals and lamaze. It was good to know the risks and benefits of an epidural so i wasn't as nervous getting one (and it was GREAT!) but i also used some of the relaxation and breathing techniques from the lamaze video.

  8. We did the prenatal classes from the hospital, and I especailly liked the videos about birth, although at the time they made me very nervous because they show what it's like...and that scared me. But I believe that knowledge is power, and the more you learn about what can and could happen, themore relaxed you can be. I would also recommend a tour of the hospital, which was very reasuring! PS: getting an epidural was great because it helped with the pain and helped me relax, which allowed me to focus on breathing and pushing better. In the end, it's all worth it! :)

  9. no classes! The internet is a wonderful tell all tool, and we already pay for it!

  10. Every person I know who has had an epidural has had problems from it... even if it was as 'mild' as slowing the labor so much that they were forced to do a C-section. Others have caused life long damage and pain. They scare me to death! However, after going through an all natural birth, WITH complications, I can't blame anyone for going with an epidural.
    As for classes, I wish I'd gone to one with Peter, and next time I definitely will. Bradley method is all about having a baby naturally so that no drug harm comes to your little baby. I wanted drugs SOOOO badly when I was in labor with Annibelle, but I felt VERY strongly that I shouldn't. We had no idea she had major heart problems. Taking the drugs probably would have killed her. SO, my greatest advice is to follow the Spirit. I guarantee He will guide you. I will confess though, that, although I want a natural birth next time (for the most part), if I feel it's safe, I may let them give me a little something to "Take the edge off" as they say. I would have welcomed anything to lessen that pain.

  11. As you know I emailed you about my birthing class experience already, but I didn't mention that mine was only a one day thing. A long day, but just one day. I liked it that way.

    I think it's great that you're getting info and asking for opinions. Preparing is very important!


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