Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back Where It All Began

The trip ended where it began: back in Indianapolis. Amy, Devin, and Hallie had to leave to go back to Peoria, but other than that, I had all of my family together again. Poor Hallie and Amy were sick. Rachel still hasn't had her baby (her due date is Jan. 11), and I am slightly disappointed, but babies will come when they want to and not a minute sooner, unless the doctor gets involved. :)

We went to an art show for starving artists. There were some very beautiful pieces there. Pete and Mindee got some for their home. My childhood friend and old high school sweetheart, Jacob Jackson, met us at the show, and I got to meet his current sweetheart, Jami Ullrey. Jacob had only met Jeff once (at my wedding reception), so it was a nice get together. Jacob's always been like part of my family, so we all enjoyed seeing them.

We went to a nice Mexican restaurant, where Jeff saved me from myself twice. I wanted to eat diced up peppers. Straight peppers. Nothing added. And then later I tried eating fresh guacamole, and Jeff had to remind me that we think I'm allergic to avocados. (I've gotten sick the last three times I've had them.) Sometimes I honestly wonder what I would do without him, and I hope I never have to find out. :)

Jacob accidentally left his car lights on when we were in the restaurant, so Jami, Rachel, and I got to learn how many men it takes to properly hook up jumper cables. Hehe. Five apparently. I think it would have gone a lot faster if there had only been one or two.

Here's Jacob and Jami. :) I am glad to have met her. She was a very sweet, nice girl. I hope that Jacob holds on to her! (I think he hopes so, too.) ;)

After dinner, Jeff and I were off to the airport to catch our flight. I really am impressed by how nice Indy's new airport looks. *whistle* That must have been a lot of tax dollars at work.

A pleasant surprise was that our tickets for the flight from Indy to Denver were Classic Plus (or something) instead of economy, so we got free television and snacks. Woot woot! Sadly, the BYU/Wake Forest game was not on any of the channels on the TV, but ESPN did show us the score every now and then. It seemed so close, but then we ended up letting it slip out of our fingers. I'm sad to see our longest home winning streak go, but I am glad that we played well against a really good team.

Now in Denver, our flight is delayed, so that's a bummer. :( We were supposed to get home at 11:00pm. Now who knows when it will be. It looks like three or four more hours. Sigh.

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  1. I wish we hadn't gotten sick (not only because then I wouldn't STILL be sick) to get to spend more time with you guys!


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