Monday, December 29, 2008

Richmond, Indiana

If I have a first home, then Richmond, Indiana, is my second home. Theoretically, I suppose Fountain City, Indiana, would be more correct to say, but it's so tiny, and we always say Richmond. Anyway, I had the privilege and delight of going there three times during break!

My grandparents have lived in the same house that my grandpa and five uncles built back in the 70s right after my mom graduated from high school I believe. I have lived in six different states, so it has been kind of a rock to always have their home to visit every year and have everything be wonderful and the same.

'My cousin Tina and her beau, Marley

My sister Amy and I with Tina. Amy and Tina were two of my bridesmaids, and Tina and I were Amy's bridesmaids. We were also the founders of our not-so-secret club that met in the barn in Tina's backyard. One of our main purposes was to put on skits. We also collected little cards with paint colors on them and recited Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bear a lot. This was a very exclusive club. You also had to put in your hours at the torture tree to gain admission. ;)

My grandma and grandpa Homer—my mom's parents

A special, unexpected treat was a visit from my Uncle Cam and Aunt Kathleen and cousins Connor, Kirsten, and Kyle. They live in North Carolina, so I don't see them a whole lot, but they were visiting Grandma and Grandpa at the same time! It was a full house. :)

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  1. Love it. I hope we didn't get Grandma and Grandpa sick with our germs. Mom told me they tore down the wall in the downstairs bedroom today! Crazy...


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