Sunday, December 28, 2008

Muncie, Indiana

So, everyone was gathered in Indianapolis on Thursday. Then on Friday, Dan and Rachel and Mindee, Peter, and Mindee stayed at their homes in Indianapolis. Mom and Dad; Jeff and I; and Amy, Devin, and Hallie drove down to Richmond. Then on Saturday, Amy, Devin, and Hallie went up to Lafayette for Amy and Devin to visit their Purdue friends. I went to Muncie to visit my high school friends. Jeffrey drove down to Cincinnati to spend time with his best friend from high school, Chinh Nguyen. Mom and Dad stayed at my grandparents. So, Saturday was the day of grand departures and separations. :)

Once in Muncie, I went over to Emily Burton's house and then over to Chelle Belle's parent's house where we had our annual Secret Santa party. We've been having them since sixth grade (I think), and I hadn't made it to one since 2004. :( It was really fun to catch up and see how everyone was doing. Two of us are married, three are finished with our graduate degrees, and two are still in school. One is pregnant, one is getting a master's, one has her dream big girl job, and one is working her way to become a nurse. Hehe, can you guess who has which? Anyway, seeing the girls together is a testament that the posse has and will continue to "just keep swimming" and hopefully remain best friends forever.

Courtney Workman (C Work), Michelle Collett (Meems), Briana Alexander (Bri Girl), Michelle DeWitt (Chelle Belle), and Emily Burton (Ems)

After leaving Chelle's, I picked up Amanda and went over to Aaron's. I forgot to take pictures with everyone there, so not shown in this picture are Sarah, Jesse, and Avery Jenkins, Brett Noble, and Jacob Jackson. Spending time with this crew of my church friends proved again that some things never change and once you love someone, you always will. :)

Adam Heath, Amanda McCartney, Michelle Collett, Joe McCullough, Aaron McCullough

I spent the night at Amanda's house, and since Jeff wasn't there, I got to have a real sleepover! :) Of course, we're both older, and I can't make it through a night without peeing four times, but we did get lots of good talking in before we both dozed off. Thanks, Amda!

Sunday was spent going to second ward and seeing lots of friends. Joe McCullough gave his home coming talk. A favorite quote from was "I feel like a short cow in tall grass . . . udderly tickled to be here!" He said he had been waiting two years to say that, because it just didn't make any sense in Spanish. ;)

After church, I spent time with Jacob Jackson and the Jenkins before driving back down to Richmond. Exciting new news is that Jacob is dating a cute, sweet girl name Jami Ullrey, and Sarah is pregnant again! Yay! Avery (her daughter) will be 2 this August, and Sarah thinks her due date with her current baby will be sometime in July. Her husband, Jesse, is currently applying for medical schools. So there is a lot going on for them right now!


  1. It's great that you got to see so many people!

  2. So I'm slow on checking up on blog entrys... surprise surprise. But I <3 this entry. I'm so glad that we got to see you and spend time together. I hope that we will ALWAYS be able to have time together. For me, it seems like no matter how long it is between our catch-up sessions, I am most comforted when the five of us are together. I guess just because that's how it was for so long. And hopefully soon it won't be hard to see each other frequently!


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