Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Well, Jeffrey and I beat Santa Claus in Christmas morning. Denver tried to delay us, but it still wasn't too bad. My dad picked us up from the Indianapolis airport, which has been completely redone by the way and is amazing looking! Christmas celebrations were at Pete and Mindee's house in the suburbs north of Indy.

Here is the beautiful tree. As you can tell, Santa had come by this time.

Left to right: Rachel, Jeanie, and Amy. Rachel is my sister-in-law (Danny's wife), and Jeanie is her twin. Amy is my sister. Mindee (my other sister-in-law, Pete's wife) thought of having us wear these cute matching pajamas.

Here's my cute, cute momma. She decided that the bows from the gifts belonged to her!

I finally got to meet my beautiful niece, Annibelle Collette Boling. She belongs to Pete and Mindee.

Here's Hallie Rose! She belongs to Amy and Devin (featured below). Hallie is the proud owner of eight teeth! Isn't she a big girl?

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  1. We looked pretty awesome in our matching jammies!


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