Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ave Bellows!

So, the Bellows have moved. In honor of them, I have created a montage of their last three or four days with us.

Ryan and his beloved bouncer.

Jeff has decided that Ryan is ready to walk. Ryan is not as sure, but he's happy to try!

Such a happy camper!

Okay, there is Ryan's real family. :) Ryan loves his mommy and food. And Zach. Hehe. I just didn't get a picture of Zach.

Good-bye! We miss you already!


  1. "ave"...I'm 'bout to roast you!

    Hallie really misses her Uncle Jeff and Aunt Mimi!

  2. awww we miss her, too! Yeah, I used "Ave" special for you, Ames! ;)

  3. You're gonna make me cry! We miss you guys so much already. I can't wait to see you hopefully in March and definitely in May when little Jill arrives! Thanks for being such a good friend. I will always treasure the time we spent in Provo together.


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