Saturday, December 20, 2008

Although on a less cheerful note

New York Birth Certificates
We are still losing ground with traditional families. In New York, birth certificates now have room for two moms and two dads. I love that to accommodate their lifestyles, we will ignore the fact that it is impossible to have two biological mothers or two biological fathers. At least leave that off the birth certificate and put it on an adoption certificate or something.
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Lesbian Couple trying to keep baby
A court case is happening in West Virginia that could set up quite a precedent for matters such as this in West Virginia. A lesbian couple were the foster parents for an infant with an unknown father and a drug addict mother. The mother's rights to the child have passed, and now the baby is up for adoption. The judge ruled that the baby would best be suited in a family with a mother and a father, but the lesbian couple is fighting hard to keep the baby in their care. We wouldn't have this mess if they weren't allowed to be the foster parents in the first place.
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Children do benefit from living in religious, mother/father homes
Many, many studies have shown that the benefits to children who grow up with their biological mother and a father are great. Another study has been done that shows the same thing. You can go to this website and download the PDF with the information on the article. Sadly, the study found that in the US, only 58% of children aged 6–17 live with their biological parents. That's a lot of divorce and unwed births. Some, presumably are from deaths, but I'm going to say it's not a very large number.

England giving out birth control without prescription
It's getting easier and easier . . . In England, they're working on a plan to make it so you can get birth control after a consultation with the pharmacist. The spokeswoman for the Department of Health said, "We want to improve women's access to contraception and help reduce the number of unintended pregnancies without undermining patient safety." Hm. Abstinence would do that as well, be a lot cheaper, and improve the emotional and mental health of the woman. Too bad the government can't encourage that old fashioned notion anymore.
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  1. It's unbelievable. I have to remind myself that it goes both ways, good things are happening too. We just have to look a little harder sometimes for them!

  2. It's true! :) There are lots of good things, too. I'll have to find some to put on my blog. So often the news doesn't cover them.


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