Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving :)

Well, I missed having a big family Thanksgiving; I've never been at one this small before. All in all, it was still wonderful. I did the dishes about 6 times, and Jeffrey basically made all of the food that was our contribution.

Jeffrey did the turkey and created a delicious marinade for it to bake in. He also made mashed potatoes from potatoes instead of a box, along with homemade rolls, funeral potatoes, and stuffing. My contributions were turkey gravy and jellied cranberry—haha. The ham, corn, apple pie, and cheesecake were contributed by Jason and Amy.

We played Euchre, Aggravation, and Settlers, and we had a grand ol' time. Funny story, Jason preheated the oven and spent all morning trying to determine the best way to bake his ham, and then he finally was ready. He opened the ham to plop it in the oven, only to discover it was already baked, and he needed a new plan of action. :) His glaze was delicious! And Amy's homemade apple pie was scrumptious. Jeffrey's grandma (Scherer) had a tradition of eating slices of cheddar cheese on her apple pie, which Jeff and Jason love, so I gave it a go. :) Jason searched the internet and discovered it's German thing. I don't know if I prefer the cheese to vanilla ice cream, but it was good.

There we are, quite full of food and content.

They look pretty happy too, although Amy might be in danger of a punch . . .

The evening was rounded out by watching some Colbert Report and The Cosby Show, and of course some football.


  1. I love the shirt you are wearing! That's hott!

  2. aww thanks. it's my newest shirt. I like it lots!


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