Sunday, November 9, 2008

Jeff had a birthday

Jeffrey turned 26 on Thursday, November 6. He had three exams, a basketball game, and a football game. I had work, volunteering, and choir, so needless to say, we did not do much on his actual special day. I did leave choir early to show up at his football game with donuts though! Both of his teams won their games, so that was a good day for that!

On Saturday, after the BYU smashing victory, some of our friends went with us to an El Salvadorian restaurant on . . . maybe 3rd W and Center (downtown Provo).

The food was really tasty and inexpensive. Jeff and I were full on just $6.00 of food! Interesting, while we were there, a group of teenagers from a church (possibly United Church of God International) came and danced/mimed a song in Spanish for donations. It was unexpected, but great to see teenagers out and about doing productive things instead of like haha the ones Brooke and Zach found skipping school doing surprising things! :D

Candela and Chris Rice who shared the secret of the great restaurant with us.

Brooke, Zach, and Ryan Bellows and Aaron and Brittany Poulton who joined us in the feast of pupusas and celebration of Jeff's birth. (haha)

Birthday Boy and Me!

Amy and Jason joined us at the bowling alley for continued fun.
There is my stud. I believe he bowled around 130 or somewhere for his two games. I randomly got 94 exactly both times . . . I'm consistent at least!

I know, I know, it's no surprise, but I still get a kick out of the size difference for Jeff and I with our shoes! Hehe. Mine are women's size 5, and his are men's size 14.


  1. El Salvadorian food,eh? Remember the meat that scared us at that Mexican restaurant we went to with Marc?

  2. Hehe I do remember. I actually love that restaurant, but I never order anything with meat. ;)


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