Saturday, November 22, 2008

BYU Lost

So, the Utah/BYU football game was today. It was a let down. I hoped to see some really good football, but it didn't happen. I watched my Cougars mess up repeatedly and the Utes take full advantage of all of our foibles. Oh well. There's always next year. I feel bad for Max Hall. Not the best way to end your regular season. I hope we'll still go to a Bowl game, even if it's not a BCS Bowl.

Ryan and Brooke

The pregnant wives: We were there for the food, win or lose. :)

Zach is still fully invested. :)

Aaron plying his skills.

Jeff is coping with the loss by pouring his misery into billiards.

Despite the loss, Ryan remains in good spirits.

Someone creative made this video about the BYU/Utah game. It's funny, but then it's kind of weird, because it's Hitler, and well he's scary, not funny. But if you put that aside, my favorite lines are "We've never lost a fireside" and "Where's our reward for righteous living?"

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