Friday, November 14, 2008

Basketball is Back

Well, BYU Men's Basketball is back. Jeff and I went to the exhibition game on Tuesday and were excited by what we saw. Tonight, we went to the home opening game with the Bellows and the Poultons and had a lot of fun. I assumed that Long Beach would be an easy team to beat, but they proved that they were not to be taken lightly! Lee Cummard saved the game for us in the first half, and he ended up with over 30 points! Tavernari finally got his game together in the second half and ended up with 19 points I believe. I was also impressed by some newcomers this year: our pointguard, something Jr., and Emery, who apparently is not a complete newcomer because he played before his mission.

Yup! He's a Cougar fan. :)

The boys were pretty happy to get to go to a game.

The Poultons are happy that their baby is coming soon!

We were happy that basketball games are half as long as football games!

After the game, we headed over to the Creamery where the Poultons and Bellows enjoyed some tasty treats. Jeff and I purchased some groceries and then came home and made Chicken Panini Sandwiches. I love eating panini sandwiches, but I hate the word, because it's Italian, and in Italian panini is already plural. The singular form is panino. So, I always want to say paninis, but I know that's not right in Italian, but then it's an American term now, right? So I can say it? Anyway, I know I'm like the only one who cares, but yeah, it's a struggle every time as I have an inner debate on what to say.

An addition, Long Beach played a top 25 team on Sunday and only lost by a few points, so apparently Long Beach is just a really good team, so I don't have to be as worried about us not absolutely killing them.


  1. I miss going to basketball games at Purdue... and I can't wait until Hallie fits into her BYU cougar outfit! I think maybe she'll fit in it around Christmas. That would be nice timing!

  2. Yea! That was so much fun! We will definitely have to go to another basketball game together before we move!

  3. My favorite part of this post is how you debate whether or not to say panini or paninis. :)

  4. Mimi has always had a thing for words with repeating letters.


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