Sunday, October 26, 2008

What I Stand For

There are many issues swirling around today that alarm me, and while I usually tend to keep my opinion to myself, I find I can no longer. Things I love are under attack, and things I know to be dangerous to others are being promoted. I cannot idly stand by as this occurs.

If any of you are unclear where I stand, here are my opinions.

I am against almost all abortions. I think it is only necessary in very few cases, and it is being used in many more cases than that. In fact, there are over 40 million abortions a year worldwide. I believe the decision on whether or not to have a child should be made before the action that creates a child is committed. If you are not willing to possibly have a child, then you should not have sex. Actions have consequences, and killing life does not erase that fact. If you have already had an abortion, I do not believe you are an evil person. I believe you made a bad decision, yes, and I hope you would not make the same decision in the future. If you are currently pregnant and are considering abortion, please keep an open mind and consider adoption as well. Here is some information that could help you.

I believe that legal marriage should only be between a man and a woman. I do not believe it discriminates against homosexual people to defend that time-honored definition. I do not dislike homosexuals; I will not stop being any of their friends. I will not call them names; I will not belittle them. But I will do all that I can to stop them and those who are for it from changing the definition of marriage that is the very basis of society and everything I believe in. A person does not have the right to marry anyone he or she wishes to. We do not have the right to choose anything or anyone. Men cannot marry men. Women cannot marry women. People cannot marry animals. A 40 year-old cannot marry a 12 year-old. A man cannot marry more than one woman, and a woman cannot marry more than one man. Marriage is a privilege, not a right. It is a word with a definition that I do not want to have changed.

I believe prostitution should be illegal. I believe sexual intercourse is something for a legally married man and woman—not teenagers, not unmarried people, not married people with other people not in their marriage. If it is too late for you, I do not think you are damned. I think second chances are available for everyone. While virginity cannot be restored, purity can.

I believe pornography is addictive, dangerous, and destructive. I believe it corrupts minds, destroys relationships, and demeans sexual intercourse. If you are already struggling with this, please do not give up. There is help available, and you can overcome it.

I believe divorce is a destroyer of families. I believe it hinders our society and hurts our children. I believe that while it is necessary in a few cases, it is massively overused, simply because people are selfish. Love is not something that can be fallen out of. It is a choice. It is a decision to make someone else more important than yourself. Please understand that I know I am speaking in general terms here. There are individual situations when divorce is necessary for the mental and physical health of the spouse and children. But these situations exist, because the abusive partner did chose to make him- or herself more important than his or her spouse. I also believe that divorce should not be a solution. Whenever possible, therapy should be sought. For second chances exist for everyone, and anyone can change. While trust takes years to regrow, it is well worth it if the offending partner is truly willing to change.

Educate yourself. If you don't know what you stand for or why you espouse certain doctrines, it is time for you to find out.

Family Watch International has great resources and information. Click here to learn more about abortion, equal rights, why marriage is good for society, and more. Click here to learn more about Family Watch International and what they stand for. They have a newsletter that you can subscribe to through e-mail, so you can be updated once a week on the global happenings and issues that will affect you whether you ignore them or not.


  1. Wow, Meems! You inspire me with your boldness! You are my hero...

  2. lol, Can I just direct people to your blog whenever they ask my opinions? You said it perfectly -- straightforward, with no remorse for your beliefs, but still with a Christlike attitude. I absolutely adore you.

  3. i'm glad you are good with words. i want to use this for future confrontations.
    i love you and admire you so much Meems!!!

    ~Nicky Nightingale

  4. Keep up the good fight, life and (real) love are worth fighting for.


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