Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm an aunt again!

Peter and Mindee had a baby girl yesterday at 3:31 pm. She's 5 pounds something and 19 inches, so pretty long and skinny.

Annibelle Collette Boling

So, my first niece has a version of my middle name. (My middle name is Halley, and her name is Hallie.) Now, my second niece has a version of my last name (Collett/Collette). My third niece will be born in January, and I think I need to let my sister-in-law know to strike while the iron is hot, haha, and use some version of Mimi or Michelle, but spell it slightly differently. :)

Yay! I can't wait to meet my beautiful new family member. (She's in Indiana, so I won't meet her until Christmas.)

I think the green doctor's glove is a little creepy and alienesque, but her little tongue sticking out is so cute that I had to include this one, too. :)


  1. Ha ha, Mimi. Dan and I have actually talked about using your first name as a name.

  2. She's adorable, Mims! Tell Peter congrats for me, would you?


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