Saturday, October 18, 2008

Chantilly Victoria Poulton: Coming Soon!

Brooke and I were lucky enough to get to throw a shower for our friend, Brittany. Brittany's husband and Brooke's husband are childhood best friends, and Brooke's husband and Jeff (my husband) were freshman roommates. All three boys get along great, and then the girls were added, haha, so here we are. :) It was a fun day!

Brittany's sisters, mother, and friends made it wonderful. Tasty food. Yummy chocolate, fun games, and great presents. Brooke and I had a lot of fun planning and getting things ready. It makes me excited for my baby shower some day.

Doesn't Brittany look beautiful?

Silly I know, but I thought the balloons looked really cool. Hehe.

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