Friday, September 12, 2008

Fancy Picture

Here is our fancy cruise picture. No worries, photography-friendly, I purchased the copyright and got it on a CD as well. :)


  1. Well, I HAD to have a look at your blog! And not surprisingly, you do a terrific job. Loved the baby pictures of your niece (and YOU growing up.) Loved all the info about your cruise (aren't they the BEST!) and wondered if I shouldn't have applied for a job at your company if you can get flights and cruises! So glad you had such a great time - you and Jeff deserve it! Loved the yearbookyourself pictures - I've got to tell my kids about that website. Thanks again for sending me the link - it will be fun to see what you're up to, now that we don't get to see you every Sunday!

    Love, Juliana

  2. Hi Juliana! Thanks for reading my blog. The cruise was great. :) Your kids will love that website; it was so fun to make those silly pictures!


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