Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cruise Day 5

This was it the last day. We basically spent all day getting home. We had to be out of our cruise room at 8:00am, but we were in the last group that got to get off the boat, so we had a while to wait. We ate breakfast and played shuffle board. Jeff kicked my trash. Not surprising. He's a stud. Then we just kind of walked around and enjoyed the ship. :)

We finally got off the ship and made it through customs. We took a shuttle bus over to Enterprise, but even though we had a reservation, there wasn't a car for us. However, they did shuttle us on another bus over to a different Enterprise building. There we were given an SUV that was actually really nice. :) So, it all worked out. Then we drove to the Enterprise near the airport. Then we got on another shuttle to the actual airport. (Lots of shuttles.) By the way, the Orlando airport is amazing. It has a huge, beautiful hotel atrium in the airport, like before you go through security. I would love to stay there. It was just gorgeous! Anyway, we took a shuttle to the other part of the airport. The plane ride was great. More turbulence than I've felt recently, but nothing major. ;) We made it to Salt Lake City, and guess what?! We got on another shuttle over to the parking lot. :) Then we drove home and got back around 8:00pm. I stayed in the car and went straight to choir. So, lots of traveling! On the way home though, we saw a rainbow! I don't know if I've ever seen a rainbow in Utah before. It rains so rarely that there aren't a lot of opportunities for rainbows.
It's there near the black car. I guess I should have cropped and zoomed in. Oh well.

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