Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cruise Day 3

So, this day we landed in Nassau, Bahamas. I learned a lot of interesting things. Like there are like 700 islands, but only like 20 of them are populated. There was a native population of Indians, but those Indians were captured and removed to be slaves elsewhere, and they all died. So there actually are no natives left on the island, so English is the only language really. It is sad. Now the people living there just find pieces of the history left behind and try to figure out how they once lives on the islands.

We were supposed to go snorkling with sting rays, but it was canceled, because the recent storms stirred the water up too much, and we wouldn't have been able to see anything. So, then we scheduled snorkling on a different part of the island, but it was canceled, too. We ended up just getting off the boat, and saying yes to the first Bahamian who asked us to take his tour. It ended up being a great deal. It was the same tour we could have purchased from the cruise, but it was about $40 less a person. We drove around the whole island and got to stop at an old fort and at the swanky hotel, the Atlantis.

These pictures (above and below) are us at the Queen's Staircase. It's dedicated to Queen Victoria, who was the person who abolished slavery in the islands. That's definity a worthy thing to have done. It had that nice waterfall along side the stairwell and of course those beautiful flowering trees covering over the walkway at the bottom.

Here's Jeff and I sitting at the dock just waiting for our tour to start. I wore my company T-shirt to represent, since they paid for the cruise and plane tickets!

We found Zion! Isn't this interesting? It was at the bottom of the Queen's Staircase. I'm not sure who Sidney was who wrote it, but we thought it was pretty interesting. :)

That suite in the middle (like the bridge) is the $25,000 a night room that you have to get for at least 4 days. Very expensive! It was a beautiful hotel. We got to walk around.

I thought these fish were pretty scary.
Jeff and I were going to pretend our snorkling wasn't canceled, and that these pictures we took of the aquarium were actually pictures we took snorkling, hehe.

Here's just one example of some of the artwork inside the Atlantic. This is the sun temple or something. Apparently it cost like a million dollars. Crazy!

These are the doors to the front entrance. They cover easier to open doors. I'm not sure if these ones ever close actually, but they are the largest doors I've ever seen, and they have hinges, so they could close. For an idea, Jeff is like 6'4", so the doors are way tall!

The throne they let tourists sit in and take pictures! Doesn't it look made for us?

The wind was blowing intensely, so I took my hat off and put it in my bag, but then my hair was going just crazy! Jeff and I are both trying to hold it down in this picture. :) I thought this was a nice Kodak moment spot.

Here's a picture of our boat: the Carnival "Sensation." They give these boats the greatest names. Our first cruise was on the "Inspiration."

These little guys were just a few feet away from us. They were just hanging out while we were sun bathing. I thought they were so cute and brave. The numbers varied, but for this shot they almost posed in the exact same position for me. :)

Here we are at dinner again. Jeff decided to spice things up this time with a sweet smooch. :)

Puppy dog towel animal!

So there are more pictures from our time in Nassau. You can find them on facebook if you're interested: Facebook Album!


  1. Kevin and I sat in that same throne looking chair 9 years ago!

  2. Do you remember if it's changed much?


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