Monday, September 8, 2008

Cruise Day 2

So, there are a bunch of pictures that I still need to add for this day, but I used a water proof disposable camera, because I didn't trust myself to take my digital camera on a kayak. We spent this day in Freeport on the island of Grand Bahama, Bahamas. We kayaked through a mangrove jungle and walked through a national park. Then we ate lunch on a private beach. It was my favorite day of the cruise. The beach was just beautiful. I've been to a few beaches in the United States and in Brazil, and I vote this one the best. It had super soft sand and shallow water. The Bahamas are quite flat, so it makes sense that the beach stays shallow for a long time. :) Also, we walked out quite far, and it stayed sand! No rocks or shells or nasty seaweed. Just soft, soft beautiful sugar sand. Interestingly, the rain hurt quite a bit. It was a gentle rain and then all of a sudden it almost felt like hail. I thought maybe it had salt in it, but our tour guide said it had something to do with the air pressure there or something. I'll write more about this when I have the pictures from our water proof camera. It was a simply wonderful day!

We won 14-karat gold plastic ships on sticks! :) I have discovered that my husband really is dominant in basically every sport. We kicked trash in the bean bag toss competition and won these babies. :)

Here we are at dinner again. This time you can see our meals. Jeff's entree was shrimp and lobster. I had prime rib and a baked potato. I ate about 5 bites, and then Jeff finished the rest. I just don't really like steak. I really ordered it for the potato. It was good though! Jeff said the prime rib at the Church Office Building is better though. We really, really enjoyed the meals though. Delicious fine dining!

Here was this evening's towel friend. I think it's an elephant. :)


  1. ooooo that is a better guess than my elephant assumption. :) he definitely looks like an anteater!

  2. Amen to the sand. I actually brought sand (in a bottle) from there just so I can remember what it feels like. My in-laws got to feel and see it finally on Sunday when I had it out, and they couldn't believe it. Now they understand why I won't be impressed with CA or Hawaiian sand.


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