Saturday, July 26, 2008

Zoo Day!

After enjoying a very delicious breakfast Saturday morning, we headed out to spend a very hot day at the zoo. Highlights for me were the dolphin show, the meerkats, the koalas, and the elephant show. The Indianapolis Zoo is, as always, a pleasure to visit. It was very hot though, so I was required to get myself some Dippin' Dots. ;)

Grandma, Dad, Pete, and Dan (at the elephant show)

Amy, Rachel, and Jeff (at the elephant show)

Devin, Hallie, Amy, and Mom (at the elephant show) Doesn't Hallie have a great expression? Like she's checking out the scene and thinking about it? Hehe

Jeff and I. (a required picture to take!)

All the Boling siblings touching an elephant's bum! I was surprised by how spongey the elephant felt. I thought it would be hard and dry, but it was like a sponge.

Jeffery petting a shark. One of them porpoised at me and scared me greatly. I screamed, which scared others greatly. ;)

Hallie, styling as always, with her doo rag. Isn't she just the cutest little girl?

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