Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Healing Wounds in Marriage

So, my married ward Relief Society presidency included me on the mass mailing list that included the talk they will be discussing in church this Sunday. I won't be there, but I read it anyway, because I thought it sounded interesting. It was very interesting. I agree with it completely.

People get divorced for 1 reason: one party or both parties became selfish. Whether that means one person was being abusive and wouldn't stop or one person decided to give up or whatever, it means that someone put something else in front of his or her marriage: be it a job, another person, feelings, etc. You get divorced when you decide something else is more important than your marriage. In severe cases of abuse, then it is good to get a divorce, because you and your children do not deserve the scars; however, in all other cases, I think people need to learn to stick it out and make their marriages happy, wonderful things again.

Anyway, this guy said it all a lot better than I can, so here is the link:
Healing Wounds in Marriage
by: Victor B. Cline
Ensign, July 1993

I'm just too blunt or ignorant to make it sound as good and smart as he does. I encourage you all to read it.

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