Monday, July 7, 2008

Dinner with Cousins/Old Roommates

My Aunt Cyndy from Texas was in town on Sunday (and probably is still in town) visiting with her daughters, grandsons, and sons-in-law. Kyle called on Sunday and invited us to dinner with them. It was quite a dinner! Kyle and Melissa had a 13-pound turkey to share. I enjoyed it very much. I took a picture of Jeff's shoe next to little Everett's shoe. :)

So Jeff had never seen a hedgehog before. Since they're nocturnal, Meg wasn't too friendly. She was growling a big and kept trying to but him with her quills. Jeff was a little disappointed that she wasn't bright blue and didn't roll up into a ball for us.

Here's Jeff and I holding Everett (Melissa and Kyle's baby). Micky, the dog, tried to get into some of the action as well. :) Everett is a very happy baby.

This is a great shot of Griffin, Sarah and Jeffrey's little boy. He loved it when people clapped or snapped their fingers. You believe me right? I mean, look how happy he looks!

So this is Aunt Cyndy with her daughters, Melissa and Sarah, and their boys, Everett and Griffin. They are seven months old. It was a very nice dinner, and I am glad that Kyle thought to invite us.

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