Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Marvelous Monday

So Monday I woke up at my sister's house. Amy told me the night before that Hallie would probably wake up around 5:45. Sure enough, the next morning I heard a happy little voice and when I looked at my watch, it was 5:44! What a punctual cutie!

That adorable outfit is courtesy of Jeff and I. ;)

Sisters. You're diggin' the pants, I know!

Mommy & Daughter. Don't you wonder what Hallie is pondering about in this picture?

I finally get my hands on that cutie patotie!

I love how you can see the drool reflecting on her chin.

I think we have the same nose and face shape. :)

There's Danny and Rachie! I got to stop by and see their new apartment before we rushed to the airport. It's a nice place. They have a great view of the lake.

Almost all of the Boling girls.

One last one of my beautiful Amy and Hallie.

So haha, it may be funny to take a picture of the chair, but this was in ECONOMY class! Can you believe it? The plane was called an Embraer or something, and it was so amazingly comfortable! The headrest moved up and down; I thought that was so cool. I would ride this one again any day. It was with Northwest, but it wasn't actually Northwest; it was some smaller airline that does flights for them or something.

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