Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back in Provo

So I am back now! Jeffrey picked me up from the airport midnight on Monday. It was a little hard to go back to work with that little sleep on Tuesday, but it's all good. On Wednesday, life was back to normal, and I got to go to another softball game.

So this adorable tiny little dog was actually able to pick up that huge softball! It couldn't at first, but he persevered and got it! It was crazy. It must have been because of the texture of the ball, because his little mouth was not big enough.

There's my handsome! He had at least two runs (one was a home run). :) Yay. He also was the pitcher. What a fine fellow!

Brooke and Ryan when with me to the game. We walked over. It was a nice walk. On the way back, a girl asked me about my shirt; well, she tried to ask me. Her English was not too good. I decided to take a chance, and I spoke to her in Portuguese. She was from Sao Paulo, and she is here learning English, so she can go to BYU in the future. It was really fun.

Brooke and I enjoyed our walk; it was a nice time to catch up. It felt like it had been forever since I had been able to chat with her! :)

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