Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sabbath Day Activities

So, Sunday morning I got to eat some delicious banana bread Emily's mother made and then Emily dropped me off at church. I had not gone to church in Muncie since . . . 2005 I believe. A lot of the same people were there, but there were a lot of new people, too. I sat with Brother and Sister Ridge (the middle-aged set) during sacrament meeting. When I went to Sunday School, there were only four people in there, and I didn't know any of them. Now, it was a hard decision whether to go to YSA Sunday School and sit with Amanda or whether to go to adult Sunday School. Theoretically since I am married I am supposed to go to the adult class; however, Jeffrey is the first counselor in a singles ward, so I actually go to YSA Sunday School every Sunday. But since I was in Muncie without my husband, I didn't want to cause any whispers lol, so I went to the adult class. I sat down by myself and assumed someone would come sit by me. No one did. They all just walked to where they sit every Sunday I suppose. At some point they would look up, notice me, and smily brightly. I cried and cried. It was so embarrassing. I kept trying to hide my face with my hair, but the teacher knew I was crying. It was bad, folks. The nose was running, the tears were streaming, and my face was all red. Sigh. I can't really explain it, except that I get emotional sometimes and sitting alone in a building where all of my memories contained family and friends was just really sad.

Luckily, after Sunday School, Sister Krimme came and gave me the warmest hug and asked me to sit next to her during Relief Society. That was wonderful. Then I went home with the Krimmes and chatted for about 45 minutes. Brother Krimme has been released as Bishop. It's Bishop Hiatt now. And the Krimmes are selling their house and moving to Utah. Jacob Jackson picked me up from the Krimmes to take me to Aaron McCullough's house. (Aaron moved in with Ian Kleeburg in south Muncie.) 

Dinner was delicious. Aaron grilled chicken and had corn on the cob, au gratin potatoes, and salad. It was all so yummy. He also made me birthday brownies. We played some games afterwards.
Oh those boys. What are they up to?

Aww the McGrews. Abby is due in November!

Here is who we had at Aaron's. Reed & Abby McGrew, Amanda McCartney, John Baker, Aaron McCullough, Mimi Collett, and Jacob Jackson. That is a lot of "Mc" last names in one group! :) I got called Mimi Boling twice and Miss Boling once during the trip. That was fun. Hehe. It has been a lot time since that has happened.

Amanda & Mimi

Phatty & Mimi
It had been a long time! Welcome home from the mish!

After the dinner and games, Aaron ever so nicely drove me up to West Lafayette so I could be with Amy, Devin, and Hallie. Isn't he just such a nice guy? We've been friends for over a decade now, and I hope we're still friends for another one (or more)!

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