Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pre-Birthday Events

It's been a good day. My co-workers had a little lunch party for me and gave me a nice card and some money. :) Jeffrey got me the Chronicles of Narnia and the Spiderwick Chronicles. Laurie and the rest of the Colletts got me scrapbooking stuff: lots of scissors, ribbon, paper, and actual scrapbooks with a cute organizer bag.

Candela came over and brought a cake she had made for me. It was delicious! Instead of frosting it had a layer of chocolate pudding and this amazing white stuff. It was so incredibly good! I wonder what it was. It was a yummy cake. I have such nice friends.

Now, I am packing and preparing to go home to Muncie. I have not been there in over two years. The last time I was there was for my wedding reception. It will be good to see old friends again. It will be interesting though to find out how much has changed. People always change. I guess I'll find out if we changed together or not.

The highlight is seeing my niece, Hallie, for the first time, seeing my brother, Peter, and Mindee's new house, and being a part of my best friend's , Michelle DeWitt's, wedding. She is marrying Shane Hickey, who she started dating in 2000, our freshman year of high school! How wonderful.

This picture is to celebrate Muncie, Indiana. :)


  1. Sorry, I should have mentioned MAINE!!! Give Momma Boling a big hug from me, please!

    I don't have any new pics of Aidan yet, but I'll get some up on facebook soon!

  2. Oh, and don't forget to give Amy and Hallie a big hug from me, too!

  3. Happy Birthday! I saw it on the company email, but forgot to congratulate you.


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