Thursday, January 18, 2007

So... I just wanted to sign in so I could write a comment on my brother's blog and now all of a sudden, I have my own.
So I don't really have much to say.

I had a soccer game today. I played well. We tied 3-3. We could have avoided that if we had left our goalie in goal instead of putting the person who scored our first goal and had an assist for our second in the goal. Oh well, things like that happen when you have no coach.

There might be some drama. We were supposed to have a team through our ward (church congregation), but there are a limited amount of teams allowed so my team is on the waiting list. One of my co-workers had a team and invited my husband and to join hers. So we did. Now a bunch of people from my church want to join my other team, and I'm not sure how to diplomatically choose who to bring over.

Oh well.
It will probably all work out and I'm stressing over nothing! :)

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