Tuesday, September 19, 2006

oh my goodness!

so what is going on?!

i am the middle of a decision and i'm not sure what to do.

i could graduate a year early. however, that would require me going to school through the summer. it would also require (if i want to keep english as my major and editing and portuguese as two minors) 19 credits next semester and then 9 during spring term and then 8 during summer term.

that's a lot.

and i still have to find an internship and stuff.

however i could drop port.

but that only takes two classes out of the equation. i'm almost done with that minor. it seems like it would be worth it just to get it since i'm so close.

do i want to get done that fast? what am i in a rush for?

if i did then i could start working full-time and then jeff and i would be eligible to buy a house or townhouse or condo. i would be closer to being able to start a family. a real job would be cool. kids would be really, really cool.

or i could finish in the normal four years. have no stress. take a bunch of athletic and dance and music classes.

however, if i graduate early then the money i would be spending on those semesters i could spend on something else.


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