Wednesday, September 20, 2006


so my dad had to have surgery last week.
my mom sent the kids an email about how it's going for him... check this out lol

Dad is recovering but is getting impatient to recover. He gets the stitches out tomorrow. Since he still has half a salivary gland it still makes saliva and the saliva leaks out in between one of his stitches so he has to keep a towel or a wad of paper towels against his neck. And when he gets hungry ... especially is I make something that he likes and he can smell it, like the garlic bread I made to go with the spaghetti ... he salivates even more and it kind of squirts out, because it is under pressure. If he turns his head, he squirts too. And since it isn't just saliva, it is tinged with blood it really is gross. Too bad it isn't a month from now because he would be great in a haunted house with a bloody stream from his neck. So he is doing well enough, just getting tired of the whole business of having surgery, he's never had surgery before.

gross! i can't wait to see it. he says his scar makes him feel like a pirate! :)

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