Tuesday, November 15, 2005

so life is crazy

wow... so less than a month less of school. how insane is that? i wish there were more school days left (INSANE i know) but honestly there is too much stuff to do by the deadlines. do teachers honestly believe that their class is the only class i am in? what's the deal? i'm only signed up for fifteen credits next semester. i think that will be a lot happier for me.
i'm thinking about changing my major from english teaching to english editing... or maybe english language and editing... we'll see. i'm not sure whether to stick with portguese or not. i've had a rough semester with that language. stupid rms...
okay fhe is totally in four minutes and it's at my house so i had better go
but really fast funny story...
so i'm over at jeffrey's house eating dinner with his roommates. i'm amazingly suave and drop a bunch of mashed potatoes on my lap... on my crotch. so i ask for a napkin or a paper towel. they're a bunch of guys so of course they're out. so jeffrey gets me some toilet paper. great. so i get to wipe myself with toilet paper in front of everyone. perfect. parfait.
this brings up a conversation about the toilet paper. one of his roommates bought it because it was massively on sale. however, apparently it was really cheap in make too because one side is soft and the other side is rough so the boys have to like pay attention and chose the side that they want. one of jeffrey's roommates proudly informed me that he knew that jeffrey personally prefered it rough.
good info to have i'm sure...

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