Tuesday, November 8, 2005

never again 19 credits

yeah so overwhelmed is how i would describe myself right now but that wasn't a mood option... this face pretty much sums it up for me though:

yup... that's me.
so i am never going to take nineteen credit hours of classes while doing six hours of service a week, having a church calling, and a boyfriend. i cannot handle it. add on top of that still trying to keep in touch with my friends and family... it's an impossibly daunting task.
i get to find out tomorrow the results from my ct scan... (cat scan). i hope the doctors can finally figure out what is wrong with me so i can stop getting shuffled from specialist to specialist. i don't have time for all of this! (nor money dang) however, my parents have been really really nice about helping pay the medical bills i've been raking up.
thank goodness i don't have wisdom teeth that have to be removed for a couple thousand dollars.
i hope i'm still a byu student after grades come out this semester...

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