Thursday, November 3, 2005


For some reason it really irks me that Jeffrey prefers long hair. How unfair of me. He doesn't hold it against me that I'm all about red heads and younger guys. Of course, since dating him my preference has changed. :)

Am I dating Jeff because he's Jeff or just to be dating someone? I think I am dating Jeffrey, because he's Jeffrey. I am not dating him just to have a boyfriend, because I didn't even want a boyfriend.

Is Jeffrey a good match for me? He teases a lot, but he's really considerate and kind also.

Do I really know him? Does he really know me? Is it possible to really know someone? Do you ever stop getting to know someone?

Sometimes I feel insecure and not confident, and I think Jeffrey would prefer a girl that cooked more, knew more about babies/children, and that had longer hair. Then I remember that there is no reason to worry about it, because that's his decision—not mine.

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