Friday, November 11, 2005


So, studying, doing homework, cooking, eating, watching movies, walking, breathing with Jeffrey (or around Jeffrey) are incredibly difficult. Jeffrey is very distracting. I would prefer to pay attention to him rather than whatever I am doing (trying to do) while I am with him.

What is so interesting about this to me is that no other guy has ever been able to distract me like this before. It was a joke with Phatty that all I would have to do was kiss him or sometimes even just smile, and he would lose all train of thought or forget what he was saying, but he was never able to distract me in the same way. I never gave him so much of my attention that I couldn't focus the rest elsewhere.

Jeffrey doesn't even have to touch me or have me look at him, just being in his presence is enough to make me reread something 7 times!

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