Thursday, November 17, 2005

almost thanksgiving

i am psyched. i got a 95 on an exam i just took. how wonderful is that? i didn't even study that much for it *snaps* for paying more attention in class!

so it's almost thanksgiving! i'm so excited except for the fact that i have a five page and a ten page paper due before break and i haven't started writing either of them. i've been reading and researching though so i'm not just about to completely die, but yeah i'm still not looking forward to it and then after thanksgiving holy cow it's christmas already! don't even get me started on all of the stuff that i have to do for that...

so jeffrey and i have never really been apart before for longer than like... a day so it will be interesting what happens over thanksgiving break because neither of us are really people that miss other people a whole bunch. won't it be sad if it doesn't even bother us to be apart?

okay i keep staring at this face it's completely ridiculous and i have no reason to use it but it's ridiculous

happy birthday stephen! happy birthday bri! happy birthday reed! happy birthday jeffrey! happy birthday peter! happy birthday aaron! this month is insane...

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