Thursday, October 6, 2005

worn out

I am fatigued. Something is wrong with me. I went to a nephrologist and a gynecologist. They both told me to go to a urologist, get tests done at the hospital, and see them back in a month. I might have allergies, Lupus, or amniocentesis. Quite broad spectrum. That's just dandy.

I'm dating Jeff. Jeff Collett is my boyfriend. I'm confused about where that puts my feelings about Daniel Zvirzdin. I'm pretty much focused on my health and education. I feel like I'm slowly slipping down and losing my grip on my classes.

Aaron Baker died. He was working with his father and was crushed between a grain silo and a tracker. It is so hard to believe that he is no longer here. That people my age can die. How sudden. Life can be so unexpectedly cut short.

Jeff makes me really happy.

I think Jeffrey's only flaw might be that he eats like I do—meaning not a lot. He'll go a full day and forget meals. That is the opposite of what I need.

I feel bad for not picking Marc.

Jeff and I have a lot of common opinions. He loves listening to me talk.

Amy flies in tonight. I am so excited to see her! I just wish I had more energy and fewer papers and exams. I just feel bogged down.

I don't think I have Lupus . . . Wouldn't I know if something were that wrong with me?

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