Friday, October 14, 2005

boys boys boys

Amy's visit was really short. I loved having her here. She got here two days late because of Jacob Jackson. I wish he would get over me.

Marc is a really, really great guy, but more perfect for Amy—not for me. He's too placid and calm. he's a wonderful friend though. I'm lucky to know him.

I miss Reed.

Jeffrey . . . he was so unexpected. I really like him. He's very considerate. It doesn't bother me or scare me when he compliments me or does nice things for me. I actually like his surprises. I love the way he kisses. He doesn't get spit everywhere. He doesn't shove his tongue down my throat. I feel like he's cherishing me when he kisses me instead of using me. He's gentle.

Today, we were joking about marriage, and I didn't get scared. I think I am falling for him, and the only thing I'm afraid of is that I don't know how he feels.

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