Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Blessing

So . . . remember how lonely and miserable and unhappy I was the past month? How I wanted someone to talk to—to confide in? How I felt so alone and could only find peace in the scriptures? (Thank goodness for the Book of Mormon!)

Well . . . I've been praying and fasting about whether to continue hanging out with Jeff, and I really feel peace in the idea that God put him here to be my friend/support/listener right now. I don't know or understand where that puts Danzy and/or a mission, but I know that Jeff is blessing my life.

My roommate, Amber Nelson, got engaged to her boyfriend, Nate Waters, last night. they met six weeks ago. Amazing, isn't it? I guess when you know . . . you know and you act on it. She is so happy. :) (So is he.) I am so not ready for that!

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