Thursday, September 1, 2005

Hello September!

I am going to have to work really hard this semester to stay on top.

Portuguese is going to be tough. My classes are full of RMs. So, they're all fluent, and I feel uncomfortable, because they outnumber the girls like 8 to 1. I have Becca in one of my Port. classes though, which is awesome (Rebecca Warthen). I hung out with Maria Haynie last night. We went to a movie. I got to eat dinner with Suzy and Julia Boyce. I ran into Bethie Willian at the bookstore and helped her buy her books. Seeing friends is good.

I really want to have a bishop I know, like back home, instead of a stranger. I guess it is a test of faith. I need to trust that God is working through the bishop, so it doesn't matter if the bishop knows me, because God does.

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