Sunday, August 7, 2005

Keep the Sabbath Day Holy

So today is Sunday, and I am at work. It's the first time I've had to work on the Sabbath. I spent the night with Chelsea last night at the Dalton's. They're at their lake house, and she didn't want to be alone in the forest. So, it was beautiful. I looked great, and the weather was amazing. I burst into song to join the birds.

Then I got to work and brought Melissa's dog, Sassy, with me. I'm watching her while Melissa is in Boston. So, Alissa leaves the door open to the shack, and Sassy took off. I sprinted behind her, but I couldn't keep up. My shoes had fallen off. I was crying and screaming. A man started chasing her for me, as did two kids on bikes. I went into the store, but Sassy hadn't run there.

I went toward the police department to report Sassy. Then the bikers found me and told me the man was coming with the dog. He somehow caught Sassy, and Sassy somehow miraculously did not get hit by a car. I can't believe she avoided it. I'm so embarrassed that I cried. :(

I don't like having people see me fall to pieces. I did keep a good amount of cool though. I screamed to people to stop her or char her, and that worked out in the end for me.

I feel horrible now, because I haven't eaten anything because it is fast Sunday, but I just ran up a hill and quite a few blocks.

Sassy is now tied to the counter and very depressed. While I was carrying Sassy back to the shack, she pooped on me.

I just wish I could be at church right now.

Raya asked me if I missed Kevin (he's in Boston this weekend also). I said, "no, I'm just bored without him." I wonder if that's true. I mean, I miss doing stuff with him. I miss having him around, but I'm not pining or sitting around restless. He gets back sometime Tuesday. Why don't I miss people? When am I going to trust someone enough to attach myself to them? I've trained myself to not get close, because I'll always move away and my romantic endeavors have not worked out. I wish I had waited longer to date, because maybe then I would be less scared by it now.

I want to sleep.

I will never work on a Sunday again.

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