Sunday, August 7, 2005

old entry

so i wrote this a week ago but couldn't post it so here i am trying again...

i think i wrote this last wednesday. not three days ago but a week and three days ago.

so the power was out in like almost all of maine, parts of new hampshire, and all the way up into canada. is that crazy or what?

i just got home from kevin's 21st birthday party. it was really fun. i left because my ride was leaving. i could have stayed longer and gotten a ride from someone else, but i was torn. i wanted to stay because kevin had just been telling raya and i how glad he was that we were there because we were like his friends and a lot of the other people there were his brother's friends (his brother is the one that threw the party) but at the same time i didn't want to stay because his brother had a stripper coming to surprise kevin and i'm not really into that. so i decided to just leave with my ride. kevin wanted me to stay, but he didn't know a stripper was coming. maybe i should have warned him. i don't think i would like watching a stripper. in fact, i'm positive i wouldn't.

it's kind of funny because there were two other parties i could have gone to tonight. why did everyone randomly pick the evening with no electricity to have their parties on?

raya and i are having a dinner party tomorrow. she is making dinner and i am supposed to make dessert. i'm planning on making brigadeiros and beijinhos. i hope i can find everything i need at the grocery store and have time tomorrow. kevin invited me to go on a hike with him but i am taking marc to the airport. he's flying back to salt lake city tomorrow. i'm going to miss having him here and then i'm going to miss having amy, al, nichole, and spencer here.
wow. so many people leaving.

i love courtney workman and stephen greiner. thanks for all of the wonderful advice. the evening turned out splendidly.

i have some really cool co-workers. my favs are tia, raya, kev, and orrin. don't get me started on some of the other ones... grr...

i'd better stop writing before i lose the internet signal that i have.

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