Thursday, August 25, 2005

in utah, but not of utah

yes i'm definitely back in utah, but don't worry guys i am not and never will be of utah.
even though i am spending a lot of time in it.
i'm a hoosier.

okay shout out to my girls: c, chelle, bri, and ash

i really wish i could have seen t, ems, and carrie, but hey life happens right?

i got to see pretty much all of my boys which is good. btw does anyone know what happened to stevie ray?

i survived the flight here with mandy. it was questionable for a while there whether i was going to make it. mandy had an allergic reaction to the vaccines she had yesterday morning and the poor baby threw up and was foaming at the mouth so she couldn't keep her travel tranquilizer pill inside of her long enough for it to work. sadness. she seems to be better now that we're on land though and she had food, water, and a litter box. i am a little worried about the fact that she'll be living with a german shepard for the next four months... wow is that all this semester is? no wonder school flies by.

everything about indiana was beautiful. the weather was perfect and it was all so wonderfully flat. :) i loved it. i only wish i could have had enough time to say "hello" and "goodbye" at separate occasions instead of having to throw them together in one night. :( i also wish i could have seen danny for more than ten minutes and peter more than five minutes. i am really glad amy had time to drive down tuesday night to see me. my brothers are amazing. i wonder when they'll find two girls amazing enough to see it? peter thanks for calling and dan thanks for the hug and kiss.
i love you guys!

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