Tuesday, August 23, 2005


so i got in yesterday but it almost doesn't feel real. like i don't believe that i am home really. i got in yesterday afternoon and my suitcases had stayed in boston. here's what happened. i was supposed to fly out of bar harbor, but it was so foggy that the plane i was supposed to fly out on had never even been able to take off from where it was before to get there. so the airline put all of the people from the flight into a van and drove us to the bangor airport. while sitting on the runway i saw six fighter jets take off. it was so cool i felt like i was in a movie or something and we were going to war. they made so much noise though. so i got put on a different flight to boston and didn't have to go through rockland this time. then from boston my flights were normal, but i switched from u.s. airways to delta and my lay-over went from two hours to like ten minutes and apparently my suitcases didn't walk as fast as i did, but i did have to switch concourses so it was quite the trip. so yeah so they arrived at my house sometime between two a.m. and eight a.m. i'm not sure when exactly. weird huh?

so yeah so i'm sick and i had to wake up at 4:30 to catch my airport... van (hahaha) and i had only gone to bed at like 2:30 because i was with kevin so i was really tired so my mom set me up in the wood floor bedroom and then i fell asleep and didn't wake up until my mom woke me up at eight, but i still felt like crap and hadn't showered in a really long time so i just went back to sleep instead of fhe. then my parents came home and i hung out with them for a few hours.

so yeah i still haven't seen any of my friends and now i'm going to richmond to my grandparent's house and i'm going to try to fit all of my friends into seeing them tonight

because guess what? i fly out to utah tomorrow. o.m.g.

so yeah so it almost doesn't seem like i'm really home. my house is so different because my parents are painting it and fixing it up so they can sell it easier. i'm in a room that was not my old bedroom (but my old bedroom looks completely different) and it doesn't feel like i'm really here because i'm almost gone again. it makes me sad.

i hope i get to see everyone tonight, but what even is the point to see them just to be taken away from them again? i can't believe they put up with me. i love my friends.

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