Thursday, July 21, 2005

Divorce and Hand Rashes

Yesterday, Kevin and I were at work alone in the shack. I had just watched a movie where this guy's parents get divorced. So, I'm talking about divorce. I realize Kevin is doing more listening than talking, so I say, "oh, I'm sorry, are your parents divorced? Oh no, wait, they were just here for the 4th." Then he nodded and just sat there. Finally he said, "Actually, they called me last night and told me they're getting divorced." He looked so sad. he told me the whole story, and I wanted to hug him so badly, but I didn't want him to think I pitied him.

I felt awful for him. Giving up is always a sad thing, but giving up on a marriage is terribly sad. They have to have been married about about 25 years. Apparently his mom has depression and alcohol problems, and his dad just doesn't feel strong enough to keep having to be strong.

I went to the doctor yesterday. He gave me a prescription for a steroid hand cream that should make my hands return to normal. If they don't improve in a week, I'm supposed to go back, and he'll refer me to a dermatologist.

I'm at the laundromat waiting for my laundry. There is a really old couple here. They're still married and in love. The husband went out to the car, and while he was gone, the wife fell asleep standing up. He came back, woke her up, asked if she was okay, and then lovingly wiped the drool of her face. The love of still-married old people is amazing. They have made it through so much and stuck together for so long.

Eternal commitment. Oh my gosh. Wow. Does someone exist that I could love in return for eternity?

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