Sunday, July 24, 2005

here i am!

so my roommate (who is a manager where i work) and i had to come back into the store after it was closed and i am totally using the time to get on the internet. what an amazing feeling! okay um if anyone still even reads this - which i would understand if no one did because i haven't written in so long - i love you all! you guys are great, especially the ones that call me.
so life is good.
jacob and i broke up. but it's for the better and who knows what will happen in the future.
my sister amy is having a summer fling and has finally at the age of 22 had her first kiss. his name is spencer and he's so cute. he has facial hair so i'm wondering what it would be like to kiss someone with facial air and it's kind of funny to think that amy has never kissed anyone without facial hair.
i helped an old woman at the landromat on thursday. she kept falling asleep while watching her laundry, but she was holding on to one of the carts on wheels and she had a broken collar bone and a bad eye so needless to say i was scared for her. she was cute. her husband woke her up and wiped the drool off of her face. i hope that someone loves me enough when i'm 80 to tenderly wipe the drool off of my face and still find me beautiful.
i lent a tourist my cell phone the other day and then i got scared because he disappeared with it but then he returned it with a twenty dollar bill underneath it! score.
i bought seven pairs of shoes yesterday...
i love having a job and making money. it's an amazing feeling to know that none of my mooney has been involved with my parents at all. like. it's mine. which is kind of pathetic because i'm 20 and shouldn't i have been experiencing this already for a few years? but hey, some of us are late bloomers.
i've held a lobster, clams, sea urchin, sea cucumber, and star fish.
i've seen a bald eagle, harbor seals, gray seals, and a finback whale (the second largest whale in the world).
there are some larger than life slugs here. just waiting in the grass and bushes to freak you out and rock your afternoon.
i miss my friends.
my last day of work here is august 20th. my parents are driving me home and i think we are going to leave the actual 20th. then i'll be in muncie for three days and my parents just called to tell me that they purchased a plane ticket home for the 24th... so i'm going to have one huge party while i'm home. let me know which day would be best for you. that sunday, monday or tuesday.
i'm sad that i'm not going to be home longer.

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